Rogers Lake Park Outing

So excited to be here!

So for my first post I’ll review a new park we visited today.  Part of living intentionally for me is having little adventures regularly – even if they are only a few hours long.  So today we visited Rogers Lake Park in Mendota Heights, MN. We enjoyed our little visit so much!  We wanted to give my son (4) some fishing experiences this summer and decided that the other site we had planned to check out would involve too much walking on this steamy day.  So after a little sleuthing on the Fishing in the Neighborhood site from the MN DNR, we settled on this little park.

What a gem!  We ate a picnic at a sturdy table in breezy, dappled shade.  There are amenities for all walks, including a playground, volleyball court, skate park, of course the fishing pier, picnic shelter, a great little canoe launch.  The city even has a rack for storing your personal canoe if you want to leave it right by the lake.  The park appears to connect to a trail system, though we didn’t check that out – this time.

We plan to bring the kids back for their first canoe outing.  Rogers Lake is a smallish lake, not too deep and the launch was perfect.  Plus, it won’t be too far to carry the canoe from the car.  We look forward to it!

Rogers Lake, Mendota Heights, MN