Brightening the Dark Days of Winter

wmdog in sunbeam
Everyone loves a good sunbeam.

I am tired. It’s only Monday, but I woke feeling unusually unrested this morning. I’m going to chalk it up to the return to standard time and a cloudy weekend. My activity level has plummeted in the past 8 weeks, from walking and/or biking several miles and spending hours gardening each and every day, to working in an office. I run the stairs and go outside whenever I can during the workday, but I am feeling the change in many ways… and none of them pleasant.

Winter in the northern latitudes is a challenge, a marathon, an endurance test. A few months ago, we were basking in so much sunlight that it almost seemed pointless to go to sleep Continue reading “Brightening the Dark Days of Winter”

20 Simple Summer Pleasures

waterlilies watermark

Cold watermelon on a hot day

The sounds of frogs, rustling leaves, and busy pollinators

The lakes

Camping with friends and families, slowing the pace for a full weekend

Watching and listening to a thunderstorm

Fresh-picked raspberries, fragrant peaches, dinner from the garden

A late evening walk in the comfortable twilight, watching for fireflies

Weeding amongst fragrant basil, cilantro, and rosemary

Photographing bees

Observing daily changes in the floral landscape

Finding volunteer flowers and vegetables

Watching seeds germinate and grow

Cool mornings and the respite of shade in the afternoon heat

Picnics (ants and all)

An unhurried bike ride past lakes and woods

Toasting marshmallows over a late evening fire

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the porch (and maybe ice cream, too)

Waking to a chorus of birds

Free outdoor concerts and plays

Earth’s amazing bounty, visible in the lush landscape and overflowing farmers market tables

What makes a perfect summer day for you?