Cold Season Outdoor Gatherings

When the pandemic and stay-home order hit our state, it was still winter, and since Minnesota’s early spring brings plenty of snow and chilly days, we were mostly inside and isolated for two months. After a summer of distanced outdoor activities – backyard campfires or gardening, kayaking, walks – we are looking ahead at a solid 5 months of isolation unless we figure out how to get together outside without freezing. Luckily, my family enjoys winter.

Distanced Social Activities for Fall & Winter

  • Campfire in the backyard or driveway fire pit
  • Campfire with sleeping bags, when very cold
  • Walking – daytime to get some sun, or night to stargaze
  • Yard cleanup with friends – rotate yards
  • Snow shoveling party!
  • Skiing or snowshoeing
  • Sledding
  • Ice skating

How will you gather with friends and family this winter?

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