Weekend Cooking: Friday Night Pizza

IMG_2287Friday night has been pizza night for a while.  It is a treat for everyone at the end of the week – including the cook (me), due to the fast prep time and lack of required decisions.  Although my favorite meal is a giant salad topped with delicious things, pizza is much easier to make – and no one ever complains.

I mix a yeast dough Thursday night or Friday morning; if the former, then it overnights in the fridge.  I like to add a generous amount of rosemary (it becomes much less like little sticks in the wet, long-fermenting dough) as well as some quick steel cut oats.

With the dough made, homemade pizza is done in about 30 minutes – much faster than delivery, takeout, or driving to and waiting in line at a store. And the cost can’t be beat – a very large pizza with an entire bag of fresh spinach comes to about $6.   Did I mention that between dough and cheese is one of the ways the rest of the house will eat leafy greens without complaining?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Friday Night Pizza

  1. Looks as though you were one of the foresight full people who made sure to have supplies of yeast and flour! A lot of markets have run out, and though it appears to be temporary, a lot of people can’t make pizza right now. Well, I think you can get contactless delivery.

    be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com


    1. Yes, that’s true… we always have the pantry and freezer fairly stocked so have been able to get by with what we have on hand. We’ll be eating a lot of lentils in the coming weeks!


  2. I’m planning on making pizza this week. I forgot to buy yeast, but I have enough for a few loaves of bread and some pizza dough. I *did* remember to buy flour. I have my homemade pizza sauce and some storebought mozz in the freezer, so I’m good to go.


  3. Pizza is on regular rotation here as well. I use my sourdough starter and do an overnight too. I’d stocked plenty of flour, and don’t need yeast.


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