Reviewing the Time-Growing Plan

wmpineAbout 6 weeks ago, I created a plan for reducing my feeling of time stress.   Has it been effective?  Here are the components of the plan, and my observations:

  • Act like time is abundant (Recommended: I’ve been trying to change my mindset when I feel like I have too much to do, and mentally removing all by the essentials from my day.  Sometimes, the bare essentials are enough, especially if I can give them more focus by not feeling like my brain is spinning.)
  • Focus on priorities (I think I was already doing this.  I’m minimizing the priorities more now, though).
  • Stop getting sucked into the internet vortex (I’ve improved, and recommend this as much as possible).
  • Fewer apps on phone (Recommended.  I can’t even remember what I deleted.)
  • Phone and errand sabbaths (Recommended.  A day mostly or entirely at home feels so much longer than one spent running around.  An automated email reminds me each weekend to put the phone down.)
  • Focus on what was accomplished. Be positive, not negative. (I need to put more effort into this.  I mostly forgot about this one.)
  • Meditate. (Oops.)
  • Less is more:
    • 5-book limit from the library (Very helpful for me.  When I have only one or two books to read, it doesn’t feel so much like something else I need to do.)
    • Mindful grocery shopping (I’ve improved here, more often considering what we need to get through a few days rather than generally stocking up.)
    • Projects (No problem with too many of these right now.  Work, home, and family fill the days.)

Have I made extra time for

  • A fun family outing (Yes – nearly every week, at least a short outing)
  • Walking, biking, kayaking (Occasionally, an extra-long walk with a friend.  The short daylight hours are making these activities difficult.)
  • Talking with friends (often while walking) (About every-other week)
  • Reading (Not really more time than before, but I always read before bed.)
  • Making something – other than dinner, that is! (Not yet.)
  • Take more photos of bees and butterflies, because that means I’m out in nature where I love to be (More nature photography occasionally.)

This month, I want to

  • Get more daylight.  This is essential for my mood and general well-being in winter, even if the connection to time isn’t obvious. Your thoughts on getting more daylight in winter while working?
  • Spend less time cooking.  Plan for 2 dinners from the freezer each week.  Make lists of fast=prep breakfasts and lunches.  I already have a pretty streamlined cooking routine, and I’m not sure if I can cut significant time while still feeding everyone well.  How do you balance eating well and saving time?
  • Meditate.  I’ll put photos to remind me, in several places.  Right now, I’m going to post this and have a purring-cat-in-my-lap meditation. Do you have a meditation habit? What’s the best routine you’ve found?

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