20 Simple Autumn Pleasures

wmIMG_0936Cool, dry air that makes the sky perfectly blue

Waking to the calls of migrating geese

Chilly sunrise and sunset walks

Campfire warmth contrasting with cooling night air

Enjoying the heat of the kitchen oven

Fresh, local apples

The brilliant leaves that provide a different show each day

Potting the rosemary and geraniums to provide fragrance indoors

The return to the menu of warming foods – chili, soups, and curries

The abundance of the farmers market

A walk in the late afternoon sun

Reaching for another blanket

Collecting seeds from perennials

Enjoying a bike ride, knowing the bikes will soon be stowed

The sounds and smells of dry leaves

Harvest celebrations with friends

Holding a mug of hot tea on a cool morning on the porch, watching the steam rise

A favorite sweatshirt

Watching squirrels and chipmunks stash acorns

Feeding the garden with leaves from the yard, putting it to bed for the winter, contemplating indoor projects for the coming months.

3 thoughts on “20 Simple Autumn Pleasures

    1. I have not yet succeeded in having a rosemary plant survive the winter. It does not like the very dry heated air. But having it inside for even a couple of months is very enjoyable – instant aromatherapy.


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